Vision Morton Grove is dedicated to informed engagement. Please find below a list of current actions and steps you can take to get involved.

Current Actions

Please like, follow and share our Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Vision Morton Grove has Facebook and Instagram pages to help spread the word about the work we’re doing and to try to reach more people to join us in our efforts. If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram and/or know anyone else who is, please like, follow and share our Facebook page and our Instagram page.  

Join Go Green Morton Grove

Are you interested in environmental work and sustainability? Then join Go Green Morton Grove (GGMG), which started within Vision Morton Grove and grew to the point that it became independent in 2021. GGMG is an all-volunteer group helping Morton Grove go green through education, advocacy, and action. They work to raise awareness of environmental issues, inspire collaborative action, and help create a more sustainable community. GGMG meetings and events have focused on such things as composting, native plants for your garden, recycling, garden tours, nature walks, tracking Village efforts on sustainability, green energy initiatives, clean-up workdays, and others. Vision Morton Grove and Go Green Morton Grove continue to collaborate to work on environmental and sustainability issues.

Ongoing Actions

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